Conquistadores Slot

Conquistadores Slot

The Definition of Lines and Reels

Conquistadores Slot game from Capecod Gaming comes with a 5-reel matrix design and 3 lines, coming with an exciting gameplay thanks to the appealing graphics featured.

Several years ago people could hardly hoped that gambling online with its slots would turn to be so demanded among players from different parts around the globe. That’s why it is worth discussing what are the slots and how do they vary from each other. The main idea is that online slots are classified according to different criteria, but these days we propose to consider the most basic ones. Reels of the slots show up the spinning pictures. That’s why the number of reels is used to categorize the slot machines. For instance, there are classic variants of one-armed bandits with 777 abbreviations. They resemble the devices that were in offline casinos and have a very simple design. They do not offer the gamblers too much: there are no bonus games and no special symbols. Though, with high-quality online slots of classic type gamblers can win good money. The best slot machines are those with numerous reels. Some time ago, the gamblers were choosing only slots with 3 reels, but now, you are able meet the machines with the increased number of reels. Furthermore, they come with numerous attractive perks such as free rotations, extra multipliers, etc. Slot machine games with 5 reels turned to be the preferred as this amount of reels is the best. The amount of paylines aslo is useful while selecting online slot game. The more paylines the slot has, the more opportunities has the gambler in order to get a winning combination. They can be located not only in a horizontal or vertical form, but also diagonally.

Aspects of Free Spins and Bonus Rounds to Players

Conquistadores Slot is known for its high risk, high reward nature. More often than not, you will end up striking out, but when you profit, it is likely to be at a solid multiple. Whether you win or lose, and especially if you are fortunate enough to get a bonus round of any payback type, you are sure to have lots of fun playing Conquistadores Slot.

Let’s take a closer look at online casino bonuses. Here we should begin with free spins. All free spins of gamblers are paid by the casino site. The free spins bet is fixed beforehand and cannot be changed. In reality, you need to simply press the button to start the reels, and follow how the images line up in winning combinations. Betting houses set their own prices for free spins. Player, who benefit in free spins, can see these money on his bonus account. There are also slots that offer their players fantastic bonus rounds. They are initiated if you succeed to collect more than 2 identical characters. Bonus rounds enlarge the opportunities to win and bring special excitement into the game play. To sum it up, player, who likes excitement and fun, should decide between slot games with numerous bonuses.

Why you should Try Mobile Slot games

Today a lot of gambling establishments offer their players to play their preferred slots on mobile phone devices. And this is hardly surprising at all. First of all, people choose mobile slot games because they are not bound to location and time. In order to begin the gameplay, you just need Internet connection and the willingness to play. Besides, mobile slots have numerous advantages. One of the most important benefits of mobile casino sites is the availability of special bonuses. Therefore, you should not delay your leisure time until later if there is a real chance to become a millionaire right now.

Conquistadores Slot is perfectly optimised to enjoy on all sorts of different platforms. This means that you can enjoy playing Conquistadores Slot on your tablet and smartphone, as well as on your laptop or desktop PC.

Importance of RTP in Slots

The documented RTP (return to player) in Conquistadores Slot is 94.80%, which means that over the course of a fairly lengthy gameplay session the average player can expect to win back $94.80 of every $100 wagered.

RTP is one of the main indicators that is valuable for each online slots player. The higher the RTP level, the more likely the gambler will get a winning combination. It is better to prefer slots with RTP of at least 95-97%. When choosing a slot machine game, this parameter should be considered as a guideline. This information is usually freely available. In addition, diversity is worth checking. Slot games with high volatility give out prizes infrequently, but all of them are large. Therefore, before running the game, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the table of payments.

Software: Capecod Gaming
Slot Type: 1
Paylines: 2
Reels: 5
Min Coins Size: 4
Max Coins Size: 5
Jackpot: 6
Rtp: 7
Launch: 8
Lines: 3
Game Features: Scatter, Wild, Free Spins, Expanding Symbols
Free Spins: Yes
Bonus Round: No
Double Round: No
Slot Themes: Adventure, Lightness, Crystals, Ships, Jungle, Random-Wilds, Compass, Map, Historical, Knights, Substitution-of-wining-symbols
Mobile Slot: No
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